woman with questionsMassachusetts has more than one hundred premier soccer clubs and deciding on which one to join can be quite a project – all seem so different from each other and new ones crop up every now and then and others fold!

It’s no small task to select the right one for your soccer player and one that fits your family as well. You’ll spend lots of time and money so you want minimize the stress and maximize the soccer development! 

MassClubSoccer concisely presents club information and allows readers to provide feedback and rate the soccer clubs based on their experiences – good or bad.

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ear-whisperingWhere should you start?
The first thing you need to keep in mind when deciding on which club to join is you’ll need to do your homework. Ask questions, go to tryouts and practices if you can, talk to parents and players, find out about the coaches and their club record and history of player and team development.

Most clubs will tell you that they will focus on player development – not all will but they may try to sell you a bill of goods. Did I mention to do your homework? You may spend more than $3,000 for some of the club soccer programs in Massachusetts so you need to find out as much information as you can before you commit!

Make sure you know the 7 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Soccer Club.

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Soccer Clubs Worthy of the Hype?

pros and consMost soccer clubs offer kids an excellent opportunity to finely craft their soccer skills with rigorous practice sessions that are run by trained (and very often paid) professionals. Premier soccer clubs also offer an extensive match schedule that puts their club up against highly skilled opponents.

These clubs can cost a significant amount of money as the cost of uniforms, tournament registration fees and coaches salaries are significant expenses that each premier club must endure. Parents can end up paying hundreds of dollars to have their kid enrolled in these programs.

With the team registration fee along with the travel, lodging and food expenses that are normally associated with the clubs travel to tournaments, the expenses associated with premier club soccer can amass quickly. Read More >>


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