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Nor’easter Soccer Club


The Nor’easter SC is one of the top competitive youth soccer clubs for boys and girls (U10-U18) in Massachusetts; most players come from Southeastern Mass and Rhode Island as the club is located in Swansea. Their philosophy is to develop players both on and off the soccer field. The club prides itself as being one of the best values overall for club soccer in Mass as they are reasonable priced.

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dollar signClub fees are usually much lower than comparable soccer clubs in Massachusetts: U10 – U 14 run at about $985 and U15 – U 18 are approximately $700.

Club Highlights

There are currently 5 boys teams and 7 girls teams.


Twenty-two coaches working together to provide your child the best soccer experience; players learn to develop soccer skills on the field and learn to work together with their teammates and clubmates.


Ponta Delgada Fields
70 Shove St.
Tiverton, RI 02878


Somerset (Berkley Regional) High School
270 Grandview Ave.
Somerset, MA 02726



  • The Stingers website does give you the very basics along with good contact information and field directions.
  • They also earn high marks for publishing their fees which few clubs do.
  • Not overly informative site; just the bare bones; does the trick.

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  1. Dedicated Parent says

    OK soccer club depending on your coach… The U-12 boys coach ( and I use coach very loosely) 14-15 season thinks the ball is square, He ‘s there for his son and 2-3 more kids. Worst coach I have ever witnessed and I’ve my share of lousy coaches. Most coaches here are really really good.. Do yourself a favor and skip this club, don’t sign anything until you witness a few practices.. My rating is based on the u-12 coach 14-15 soccer season..

  2. Ex-player says

    Worst club Ever heree are the facts yes it may be affordable but if your child is passionate and actually wants to become a better play I would move from this club coaches are good people but are clueless on the pitch…I moved from the club as one of their star players I wasnt a good player but it seemed like it (if that makes sense) when I moved clubs I’d say I got 100x better and have won many tournaments now all in all not a good club

  3. Rich says

    My daughter is new to this club and let me tell she’s really excited about being here. The amount of time and work that my wife and I have seen from her coach has been fantastic. My daughter has buried all her old club gear and is ready to start spring season with her new team.

  4. Anonymous says

    Good luck u12 coach has absolutely no soccer experience i’ll keep 1200$ in my pocket better off playing town soccer ty the best thing at this club is the website

  5. Disappointed parent says

    Worst experience in three years playing premier soccer. You bounce around constantly for practice and home games. And fields are horrible. Spent an entire season practicing without a soccer goal! So it really isn’t the best deal around. I would rather pay more money for decent fields that includes a soccer goal. And I wish Nor’easter would have told me the coach has a daughter on the team. How about hiring a nonbiased coach who has no relatives on the team. The coach’s daughter never came out and took all the corner kicks. Does Nor’easter do this to save money? And my daughter went to a try out last week with another team and said she did more at this try out than a whole year with Nor’easter. And this coach does not have a daughter on the team.

    • BenchMom says

      Sounds like your child was a bench player. Maybe have her just play recreational soccer.

  6. Anonymous says

    Lynn coaches should have patience when you pay 1200$ to play by far worst club in our area you guys prey on town teams for players you’ll. Never be a real club

  7. Lynn says

    Great Club, After one full season my daughter and we the parent’s are in love. She has definitely become a better player today. The coaching has been great as they have showed plenty of dedication and patience and have definitely made it fun for the girl’s. I Would definitely recommend this club to all passionate soccer players. Lastly very affordable compared to all other clubs. Down side is poor website and need better fields to train in thoroughout the season.

  8. Anonymous says

    from past expereiences with other club’s.. This club actually cares about it’s players instead of the good old dollar like other clubs. Great to see Nor’ Easter soccer club growing.

  9. another proud parent says

    it sounds like there is some animosity towards this club by thee anonymous this club is great my child plays here there are opportunities here that i would of never thought they help the child with tuition through fundraisers calendar sales the tuition is the lowest around it is very affordable they do have programs that help parents out the staff is great my child receives top training form great coaches that understand the game and that them selves played at higher levels than your average manny with a soccer ball over all this club has helped my child grow into becoming a great player in his passing shooting and knowledge and as a parent i aint to worried about what the managers playing skills if he can play or not i would think his job is to handle any issue with the parent all i know is the coaching is number 1 and you should check it out maybe you could learn something.

  10. Anonymous says

    This club is a Joke they say their coaches are Licensed thats a lie u have a u10 manager that never playedca game in his life the facilities are bad they shouldn’t even call themselves a club

    • Anonymous says

      Well said that is the truth I had my daughter play at noreaster i pulled her out after a the first year

    • proud parent says

      I want to start by saying I have three kids who are going through the noreaster club program. First the fees are affordable, the club is understanding of parents and the high cost of living that they provide the best coaches and facilities they can for what we pay. Second all of the coaches my children have had the pleasure of being coached by have had licenses. So if you know of a coach that doesnt maybe its you have been misinformed. Or your trying to give the club a bad rap for something you feel you could do better. ( maybe your child has been cut from the team, you have been denied a coaches position, or that you just hate club soccer for your own reasons.)
      So back to the positive, my child has played for the club for 9years has been approached by coaches of d1 teams which my child has chosen to turn down because of the staff and the family feeling that we have at noreaster. My child now has been recruited by college coaches who have offered anywhere for 5,000 to 23,000 in scholarships for school. The coaches from the club have resource s and means of helping my children not only further their education in ways in couldn’t but also their soccer career. So I thank you for your negitive talk about noreaster but before you knock it maybe you should take a deeper look at what you are really looking for coaching your child for the rest of their lives and having you to thank for not moving further in their soccer career for your selfish reasons.
      oh and last take a look at the stats! 99% of the kids who play club soccer not just noreaster make varsity soccer players!

  11. Luis Ferreira says

    Agree with tucker as far as needing less parent involvement …. Most importantly the Coaching is great and the price is very reasonable.

  12. Jose Carreiro says

    Best offer around plus the kids get plenty of Soccer…..Great club with a great environment !!!!

  13. Tucker Bell says

    I hate this soccer club! Would like to see less parent involvement and fewer tournaments. Facilities are just the worst!.

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