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Based in Topsfield, North Shore United Soccer (NSU) was founded in 2003 to address the need to develop young soccer players in the area. Fast forward to today and here you’ll find a premier soccer club with an excellent coaching staff that is poised for even further growth; North Shore United is one of the largest and most successful soccer organizations in Massachusetts.

NSU believes that in order to develop into successful soccer players young kids need a firm foundation in athletic/academic achievement and sportsmanship. Key areas on which NSA focuses are technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Coaches at North Shore United Soccer want to create and nurture a very positive environment for all those in the club. They don’t discipline the players, as other clubs may do, but by developing achievable goals for these young players they have built a club that is very competitive while sound in its principle of having fun. While each club aims to have a win each time NSU stresses the value of never giving up and to leave nothing on the field.

North Shore United Soccer Inc. is registered with and sanctioned by the Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE) and the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).


Young soccer players develop best when the focus is on creating a fun and healthy environment. Whether you’ thinking about North Shore United or any other Mass soccer club the most important facet is the coach and his/her style. Attend a practice session and a game and see how the coach behaves: motivation will the key to your child’s success – and not just in soccer! It will not be the fancy uniform and clubhouse or the size of the club.

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NSSA Open Play Day

In January NSU holds a, Open Play Day on which the club has an open session of soccer in the form on min pick-up games. A very casual event in which there is minimal intervention by the coaching staff in order to let the kids play “creatively”. There are both full and half-day options.

NSSA February Vacation Clinic

Each February North Shore United Soccer holds, yes you guessed it, a February Vacation Clinic; here the coaching staff will run the kids through shooting drills, foot skills, passing basics, defensive moves, etc. They offer full day and half-day options.

Session 2 Winter Grasshopper Program

Shore Soccer Arena is host to the NSU’s Grasshopper Program; this is schedule over three days and focus on development of their soccer skills.

This program is designed for young soccer players (U6 – U10) who enjoy playing the game or want to begin playing and learning the game of soccer. The focus is fun games and exercises that focus on the individual development of each player; runs over eight weeks and not segregated into boys / girls – so it’s coed.

NSU Summer Camp

North Shore United also runs a summer camp; usually at the popular Rowley camp in August (Veteran’s Field Pine Grove School, Rowley,  MA).


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North Shore United Soccer trains and plays in their own facility which is on the Topsfield Fairgrounds.

Here’s the address:

207 Boston Rd
Topsfield, MA 01983



  • Good site overall providing the basics of what you need to know about the club.
  • Great bios and information on the coaches.
  • Tryout section outdated with 2009-2010 information; yet there is up-to-date tryout information of the home page; lots of news for 2011?; no tournament information.
  • Fee schedule is for registering a team; not for signing up to the Club; can be confusing for newbies.

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  1. John L. says

    Great club. My son enjoyed his time with the team as a GK with U11. Excellent coaches.. especially my son’s coach, Chris, who is focused on the player development, first, scoreboard second. Unlike other coaches on other clubs managing players at this age level.
    Dont hesitate to check them out.

  2. 1502 says

    Club appears to be in decline. The coaches are all good people and knowledgeable about the game, but seem to be spread too thin.

  3. Sam says

    My son has been with NSU for over a year now. We absolutely love it! He has learned so much from the coaches and they are so wonderful with the kids! There are other club teams much closer to us but the 40-60 minute drive (depending if they’re in the arena or their field in Byfield) is worth every minute! It’s worth it for such a quality experience!

  4. DTG says

    NSU is great soccer club. The coaching staff has really helped my son grow as a soccer player, but more importantly as a teammate. Cant say enough good about them. Oh yeah, my son started as a practice player also.. Most do.. 5 years and each year has been progressively better.

  5. says

    NSU is a superior club on the north shore. The coaches and staff are extremely professional and talented. I have two kids in the program and they both love it. They stress fundamentals and technicals and teach they kids the game of soccer – unlike other clubs that focus on winning at all costs and feeding the ball to the one or two most talented kids on the field. I read one of the responses above in which the parent was frustrated with their son ad a practice player….the cost of a practice play is MUCH LESS than a rostered play – I know b/c my son started as one! It takes hard work to make the team – just showing up for practices isn’t enough at this level – you need to put in extra time and private lessons – also you don’t get “suit” – it’s for rostered players only! This is a great club – all clubs have therre ups and downs as well as unhappy parents – it’s by experience as a coach for 12 years and a parent of club players that it’s usually the parent thinking their kid is better than the reality and not so much the club or the coaches!

  6. says

    I am not happy with our experience at North Shore United. My son tried out half way through the season, hoping to find a team to play with. Instead he was asked to join as a practice player which cost the same amount of money and we were happy with that at the time . We paid for winter and spring in advance. We also purchased a suit that we never received to this day. My son is a great player and was happy at the chance to play. He liked his coach though I do not feel these 10 year old kids are treated with respect. Two times, they had this certain trainer come in and I could not believe what happened. He had these kids doing planks for a half hour. Jumping with their toes forward, 100 of them. It went on and on and kept saying things like “see, that is what you get when you give me a hard time” also referencing a recent loss. Meanwhile, my son came out of there limping both times and could not walk for two days. Two boys were crying and their legs were shaking. I was told that this is the way they train but this was not spelled out to me verbally or in the contract. I asked for my spring training money back because it was still winter. I paid 860.00 and my son did five practices and never received his 120- warmup suit and they refuse to ship me that also. Think twice about this organization. Do not pay upfront whatever you do. You would think that because my son was hurt by their trainer, that they would have sent some back money. They must be hurting is all I can think of. Also, it is very cold arena and the boards are so dangerous you cannot kick off them. Email me for any more details.

    • john says

      meant to say..not treated with respect. He bounced the ball once walking out of practice and was screamed at and embarrassed and threatened he would not be on the team if he did that again.

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