NEFC (New England Futbol Club)


New England FC (“NEFC”) is one of the largest and strongest clubs in New England, having a professional coaching staff and state of the art soccer facilities. There are more than 2,000 players in the club.

NEFC is really a newcomer to the Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE) scene; it’s first official season was Spring 2009. In May 2009 the New England Eagles FC and FC PUMA merged clubs and became NEFC while at the same time expanded into the greater metro-west area and the South Shore of Massachusetts.

FREE Download from MassClubSoccer!

FREE Download from MassClubSoccer!

[The New England Eagles FC was founded in 1992 as Tri-Valley United, “TVU”. In 2002 they merged with the Eagles and changed their name to The Tri-Valley Eagles, “TVE”. TVE merged again in 2006 with Spirit of Massachusetts and were renamed the New England Eagles FC. FC Puma was founded in 1998 and grew to 17 boys and girls MAPLE teams competing in the age group U10-U18. In May of 2012 NEFC merged with Grasshopper FC (GFC) operating under the name NEFC.]

Players in NEFC can develop from an early age right through high school and stay within the club. With more than 100 soccer clubs in Massachusetts, players often shift between clubs and lose a great deal of continuity – under the NEFC umbrella players can develop as they advance and learn to play at a higher level. NEFC is a very competitive and intense club.

In May of 2014 NEFC and Black Watch Premier Soccer Club merged. This latest merger makes them one of the largest youth soccer clubs in New England with over 2000 players.

NEFC teams play in the Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE),  Region 1, and New England Premiership (NEP).

Club Composition

With the club being so large it is broken out into four geographic regions: MetroWest & North; Central (boys); South Shore and Coast.

nefc structure

Each of these regions is then broken out by boys/girls teams. For example the boys MetroWest & North region has nine teams and the girls have eighteen teams in this region. There are Youth Academies for each of the regions as well.

The coaching staff is comprised of more than fifty professionals with such accreditations and licenses as USSF National License; NSCAA Premier Diploma; US Youth National Diploma and English FA Youth Diploma. There are individual goalkeeper coaches as well.

dollar signClub fees are ~ $2,500 and increasing; uniforms are on a three year cycle; tournament fees are high and certainly expect to pay handsomely for travel expenses; some of the elite / premier teams travel to Florida, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, etc.

NEFC is a big business; critics say they bring in kids with the intent on developing them only to replace them a few years later with more talent; not unusual as they need to support the premier teams both financially and with a greater talent pool; many believe the lower teams do not get the same treatment as higher-up teams; unless your kid is an Elite or Premier player you may get lost in the shuffle, have 2nd rate coach(es) and have games and practices moved around to accommodate the Elite/Premier teams.


Most parents identified coaching as a very critical part of the NEFC experience. Some parents find the coaches to be open and candid and who modeled the behaviors they valued were generally pleased with the experience regardless of their child’s role on the team.

On the other hand, some find the coaches to be deceptive, unavailable, unwilling to talk, or immature in their management of players and had a lot to say about their disappointment with the competitive soccer experience.

Take the time to speak with the coach either before or during tryouts. Some NEFC coaches are more accessible than others. The coach may be willing to speak with parents at anytime. The coach may establish specific times to talk or specific times when they are not available, such as before games and practices.

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Find out how accessible your child’s coach will be to you throughout the year. Understand their views on playing time, discipline, positions. Understand their expectations around practices, tournaments, and off season activities. Academic demands can create conflicts with soccer practices on school nights. Special school events and projects can create conflicts on weekends.

Watch how the coach runs practice sessions. Are you satisfied with the level of organization, do the players seem to be having fun, are they active and moving and not standing in line waiting a turn, when the coach gives instructions are they clear and specific? Ask other parents about the coach.

Youth Programs

What used to be called the Youth Academy is now the Regional Development Center. This program is a priority for the club as it is part of a long term development plan, providing players the opportunity to maximize their potential.

There are 3 different age groups:

  • Grasshoppers (U5-U6)
  • Pumas (U7-U8)
  • Eagles (U9-U10)

There are no tryouts and no players will be cut. Players train in small groups based on play level and age; this is designed to be fun, but challenging, allowing young players to advance their skills and playing ability.

There are four different Region Centers for NEFC:

  • Central (central Mass and metro west)
  • Metro North (Bedford, Concord, Belmont, Lexington, Waltham, Medford, Somerville and Cambridge)
  • South Shore (…dozens of towns)
  • South Coast (Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Fall River)

These are not cheap and range from $250 for a one day seasonal to $1,050 for full year.

Soccer Speed and Agility Clinics

NEFC offers multiple soccer-specific speed and agility clinics as of January 2014. These programs provide a great balance of teaching proper technique to help prevent injuries (e.g. running form, how to turn and explode with your first step, and ladder footwork) and improving individual performance in preparation for the spring season. Cost is ~ $125.

Futsal – there is no formal structured program; depends on the coach / team you’re on. Not a big deal to some as you can always join one of the many futsal leagues that exist.


NEFC hosts the The Massachusetts Fall Classic held in October (Columbus Day Weekend); unusual concept as just for town and intramural/recreational teams only; at Progin Park in Lancaster.

FREE Download from MassClubSoccer!

FREE Download from MassClubSoccer!

The club also has a preseason tournament in March of each year.

NEFC hosts an annual NEFC Preseason Tournament; separate ones for boys and girls.

This tournament is one of the top rated tournaments in the area. Games are played on turf and takes place at the youth soccer complex in Lancaster and other locations in the area – you may have a bit of way to travel as this is really spread out!


NEFC is planning on building their very own fields sometime in 2015 – a first for the club; sponsored by Boston-based Vertex Pharmaceutical.

All other facilities used by NEFC are owned and operated by separate entities.


NEFC is affiliated with Fore Kicks Sports Complexes located in Marlboro, Norfolk and Taunton.

These state-of-the-art facilities are comprised of synthetic indoor turf fields and futsal fields. Additional facilities available to NEFC at Fore Kicks include fully outfitted weight rooms and aerobic facility, training classrooms, team meeting rooms and shower facilities. Ceiling mounted cameras over each field area allow for Coaches to record practices or games for use as an additional training tool.


The Marlboro Fore Kicks location has two synthetic turf game fields fully lighted.

Additional outdoor training/game fields for NEFC are:

  • Carter Brooks Elementary School – New Bedford (212 Nemasket St., New Bedford, MA)
  • Berlin Memorial School – Berlin (34 South St., Berlin, MA)
  • TEAMWORKS Somerset – Somerset (732 Lees River Ave., Somerset, MA 02725)
  • Bishop Connolly High School – Fall River (373 Elsbree St., Fall River, MA 02720)
  • The Omniplex – Fall River (Front St. Fall River, MA)
  • Friends Academy – Dartmouth (1088 Tucker Rd., North Dartmouth, MA 02747)
  • Dartmouth Regional Park and Trails – Dartmouth (443 Old Fall River Rd., Dartmouth, MA 02747)
  • Marshall Street Fields – Holliston (150 Marshall St., Holliston, MA 01746)
  • The Fields at Progin Park – Lancaster (512 Old Union Turnpike, Lancaster, MA 01523)
  • Fore Kicks Sports Complex – Marlborough ( 219 Forest St., Marlborough, MA 01752)
  • Oak Grove Fields – Millis (410 Exchange St, Millis, MA, 02054)
  • Fore Kicks Sports Complex – Norfolk (10 Pine St., Norfolk, MA 02056)
  • Fore Kicks Sports Complex – Taunton (223 Fremont St., Taunton, MA 02780)
  • Freeman Centennial School – Norfolk (70 Boardman St., Norfolk, MA 02056)
  • Pond Street – Norfolk (33 Pond St., Norfolk, MA 02056)


  • NEFC’s website is clean and crisp and very easy on the eye – basic blue and red team colors.
  • Good information on the history of the club and how it was formed.
  • No “search” feature allowing users to look for information quickly.
  • No fee structure for the club.
  • Used to have some great news – not anymore.

visit club site

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  1. MAtt says

    We had played one of the nefc teams and I guess they train them to play dirty. .Unfortunityly the reffer in the game must of been paid off to look the other way on the nefc team from all the high fees the parents pay to the league organization .. NEFC players were throwing elbows into our players and triing to take our people out at the knees along with just pushing our player ..
    If that is the way you want you son to learn the game then have him go here . If you want to have him learn how to play the game like it is suppose to then look at other clubs .

  2. Donna B says

    This is a good program if your child is place on the upper level teams of Elite or Premier team. If your on the lower Barcelona and United Team are treated as second class (or as cash suppliers to the program). Lots of hidden costs with this program. We did 2 years with NEFC. 1st year we had a horrible coach; late to practices, late to games, constant yelling at kids, was ALWAYS the first to leave practice or games. I looked around and saw there were some good coaches in the system so we tried it again. 2nd year we had a brand new to NEFC coach. He was good, enthusiastic, and organized. But just learned he’s not returning. We have decided to leave this program also..

    I think NEFC has grown to large, to quickly and is clearly having organizational difficulties. They move around lower team practices to accommodate upper teams. It is definately a business not a team.

    A positive note, their technical training night for Goalkeepers was well run, small group and my son learned a lot.

    If you’re a field player, the technical training is not so good because there can be a couple hundred kids on the field at once so you are not really getting any attention, just doing drills.

    If your child is an elite player, this is probably the program for you. If your child is average and wanting to get better (like mine) this is not the best program because you are easily lost in the crowd.. Not worth the $2000+ that they charge.

  3. Soccer Gurl says

    Great Club to suck everyones hard earned money. They will tell anyone there child is great to suck them dry. Best part is they’ll take any talent and place then in the NEP league…

    what a joke!!$$$$$$$$

    • Marissa K. says

      Totally agree! Two of my friends didn’t even try out to get on a team. They just paid the fee and got on the team. It’s a shame really…. NEFC used to be a great club!

  4. SoccerDad says

    As a soccer coach myself, let me tell you what great programs NEFC has to offer. About me… I have an E License from USSF. I’ve coached on the town level for about 20 years, I’ve coached 3 seasons as an assistant Club coach and 3 seasons as a District Select Coach. Our family has been involved with the Fuller Hamlets and FC United. We have had all kinds of experiences. And then we switched last year to NEFC (2013 tryouts for 2014 Spring). And we are delighted, especially with my daughter’s coach, Kim Bohlin. Top notch! She is highly credentialed and extremely talented. Soft spoken but never has any problem getting her players to step up. I’ll go so far as to say this. Even if my U17 daughter had a chance to go to a higher ranked team at any other club, I don’t think we would. Kim is terrific, the entire coaching package. Someone my daughter can emulate, as a coach, as a player and as a person.

    In addition to her team and coach, we’ve enjoyed top notch facilities with NEFC, exposure (my daughter got to practice with Kristine Lilly), and special programs (don’t miss the college recruiting process class). Overall, I’m very impressed with NEFC and am sorry we didn’t come here years ago.

  5. Marie says

    Our team is presently in transition for a coach. Have been with this group for about for years and been very happy. It is a big organization but is run very well. Can’t rate the clinics and camps.

  6. Anonymous says

    NEFC is a good club if you are in the Metro area or Central area. We were in the south region and the club did nothing for us. I would not recommend this club to anyone living south of the city.

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